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Dino World Travelers is a collection of 10,100 dino NFTs available on the Ethereum blockchain. Our dinos are dope, fun, and a little chill. 


Each dino is completely unique and programmatically generated using over 150 individual features.

When you own a Dino NFT avatar you have full ownership over this character. Ownership of a Dino is your exclusive invitation into The Dino Tribe. Read more in FAQ.

Dinos swept the globe after escaping the paddock through the blockchain. Let's hit the road, baby!


the collection

Dino World Travelers

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DINO for only 0.03 ETH

Dino World Travelers is a collection of 10,100 dope characters and minted as NFTs. They are constructed from various outfits, faces, top pieces, and colors – the possibilities are endless.


These collectible dinos are non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, and they exist on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Get your own!

Public Sale Minting

Sunday, October 31
10 am UTC

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The Dino Tribe

The dino tribe

The Dino tribe gathers a group of dreamers who love art, travel and all things crypto. They are on a mission to scout the earth for the best places to hatch their eggs, which will determine the destiny of their future generation. When not throwing Dino parties or making Dino art, they can usually be seen roaming art fairs or debating and voting on tribal matters, such as those concerning their eggs.


​Only 800 Dinos carry mysterious, gorgeous and super precious eggs that are set to hatch.

Nobody knows what will emerge from the eggs, which will be determined collectively by the community DAO. Whatever hatches will then be airdropped for free to egg owners. It could be a second drop of NFT or a surprise gift in any form...ROARRR!


Off on an Adventure



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The Dino Tribe is open

Dinos will be raiding social networks, with airdrops of monthly exclusive NFTs and raffles, and much more. Big Surprise!



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more Art to be seen in the Metaverse

DWT Program

4% of all primary sales will be donated to the DWT Program to support the growth of creative crypto artists as well as innovative art projects utilizing blockchain technology.



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Leaf 5.png

Everyone is an artist

We start community art collab with international contemporary artists. Dino will pick 100 random DWT NFT owners and ship them their limited edition print!

give back to society

4% will be donated to charities in Hong Kong to provide computer equipment and creative coding education for disadvantaged children

Let's celebrate!

Let's celebrate with a merch gift! We start brand partnerships and collaborations to create something unique and exclusive for an international campaign. Stay Tuned! 



 How many Dinos NFTs are there?

There are 10,100 total, every single one uniquely crafted!

*NFTs withheld from sale — 50 (giveaways, marketing and team)


What do I need to mint a Dino?

You will need a bit of ETH and a MetaMask wallet, you can buy ETH either on Coinbase or another exchange then deposit that into your MetaMask wallet. Make sure your wallet is connected!


How do I use Metamask?


Please click this link and follow it straight from the source.

How do I join the community?

We love online communities. Dinos make great profile pictures so you can easily spot fellow community members! Follow the official Twitter account and come and say hi in the community Discord server. We want to hear from you about how you think we could make the project better.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens. Each Dino World Travelers NFT that you own is truly unique and verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain.

What inspired Dino World Travelers?

Dino World Travelers was created as a playful response to the anxiety and vacation depravity shared by many over the past year.



the team

We are a multinational team of experts proficient in blockchain technology and art business, and have made more than 10 years of contributions in our respective fields.

All of us are passionate and dedicated to space NFT and strongly believe that it is our future and that our projects can make a difference.

Dino World Travelers


Dino World Travelers
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